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UV Shield Scarves

Did you know that most of the skin problem and diseases like skin- cancer , hyper pigmentation, skin- wrinkles, rapid aging of skin, sunburn etc can be solely attributed to the hazardous ultra violet radiations which are set upon by the glaring sun rays and it is unavoidable in everyday life. But now protection from the same is in your hands simply by switching from the ordinary scarves to nature's wonder UV Shield scarves, a revolutionary concept in the field of scarves, which is guaranteed to prevent various complications arising out of ultra violet radiations.

The unique pyramidal shaped molecular structure of silk fibroin protein has amazing property to repel the high wave length rays of sun spectra like ultra violet rays and radio waves. Keeping this point in view, the natural pyramidal structure of the fiber is retained and a flat texture of fabric is maintained. Whereas in other regular silk scarves, twisted silk yarn is used in manufacturing. Thereby the character to repel ultra violet rays is significantly less or negligible.

Apart from its endeavor, it has so many qualities which makes it nature's wonder:
  1. UV Shield scarves are hygroscopic in nature as it does not retain moisture and keeps you free from damp & sweat.
  2. UV Shield scarves are hypo allergenic in nature; as it does not produce feather dust known as 'Dander' on which dust mites thrive and contribute to allergy formation.
  3. UV Shield scarves protect you from fungi, acaroids & bacteria's, which is threateningly alarming due to high air pollution and it is all because of presence of the sulfur containing amino-acids 'Tyrosine' in its fibroin protein, It is the best choice for the people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities (M.C.S.) because no chemical is used while making yarn & fabric of UV Shield scarves.
  4. UV Shield scarves have amazing thermodynamic properties which keep you warm in winter & cool n fresh in hot summer by automatically regulating the body temperature of the individual.
  5. UV Shield scarves is a natural cellular albumin fabric, that contributes to skin health by spreading metabolism of skin cells, and nourishing skin through coupling with same composition of skin's amino-acids.
  6. UV Shield scarves are made out of 100% pure & natural silk fiber on handloom, which make it truly breathable fabric. And because of capillaries induced natural breathable quality there is no threat of reducing oxygen level surrounding it. So you can use it without worrying about deficiency of oxygen related lung diseases.
  7. UV Shield scarves dyed with herbs, to enrich with Ayurvedic properties, makes it a truly Eco- friendly product in synchronized with nature.
So cover your largest organ- your skin with U.V Shield scarves and keep it free from allergies & high air pollutions and soothe your nerves & rejuvenate your skin cells by reducing the ageing and negative effects of the sun.