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Buyer FAQs

1. How do we begin?
A buyer sends a query to us with his/her requirements. We send the quote for designs, fabric, prints and fabrication according to specifications.
2. How do buyers send designs to us?
All the designs can be send to us via courier or hi resolution images can be send to us via e-mail. For color reference we use pantone TPX
3. What types of fabric can be printed?
Block Printing can be done on all types of 100% Cotton and Silk. We print on are Cotton Percales, Linen, Hemp, Jersey, Chiffon, Georgettes
4. Policy for copyright designs
We do not share any of the design with corresponding buyer so as to maintain exclusivity of designs and to avoid copyright violations.
5. Approval process
We can print/dye a small fabric swatch for approval in color matching, which will be dispatched to you. even we can send a high resolution image.
6. Minimum order and capacity
Minimum order value of USD 1000.00 and we have the capacity to print 5000 Mtrs. in 45 days
7. Time frame
Depending upon the intricacy of design and the workman ship required, the printing job can be completed within 30-45 days.
8. Production Rates and Sampling ChargesSampling Charges include design making charges, Block Making Charges and Printing Samples. Block Printing rates starts at USD 2.00 Per metre for a standard width of 44 inches.
9. Design Making or Block Making It takes 10-20 Days for the blocks to be carved out.
10. Block Making It takes 10-20 days for the blocks to be carved out.
11. Embroidery All types of Embroidery can be done as per specifications.