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Maheshwari is a fine cotton-silk blended handloom fabric which originated from Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh (India) long back in 2nd century from where it got its name. Garments made from Maheshwari fabrics are perfect wear for summer and are available in very light shades of maroon, green, purple, and other earthy colors. Maheshwari fabrics are very similar to Chanderi Fabric in its delicate weaving style which makes it to look like gauze fabric with an extremely fine texture.

The fabric is also characterized by its geometrical motifs and narrow coloured gold (zari) embellished border with small checks, narrow stripes or solid colour in the body.


  1. Is very light to wear.
  2. Has elasticity and fine thread count.
  3. Is perfect wear for summer.

Patterns & Designs

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