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Kota Doria

Kota Doria is a handloom cotton fabric which is known for its special weaving style that makes the final fabric translucent and light. Its light, airy and comfortable feeling makes it first choice for the summer and its softness and transparency makes it graceful and part of fashion.

How it is Made

Cotton or cotton-silk yarn of different thickness is used in the weaving. The silk gives the necessary transparency and cotton provides strength to the fabric. Everything is done in the age old manner right from the setting of the patterns to setting of the loom.

The traditional Kota Doria is white in color but once dyed the fabric come out in bright hues like pomegranate red, purple, bordeaux red, turquoise, lapis, turmeric yellow and saffron.

Production Centers

As the name suggest this fabric is woven in the villages on the outskirts of Kota city in Rajasthan (India). However, the oldest and biggest concentration of weavers is in Kaithun, situated about 15 kms from Kota. The weavers were brought here from Mysore (place in South India where the weaving of this particular cloth originated) by Maharao Bhim Singh in late 17th century.


  1. Wash in cold water with mild soap meant for delicate cloths.
  2. Do not dry in direct sunlight.


  1. Thin and airy fabric
  2. Very soft and light
  3. Translucent and gossamer

Did you Know?

  1. This is the most open weave fabric woven in India.