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Kashish printing is a mineral dying process using Kmno4 (potassium permanganate). kassis printing involves the use of dye and a resist. The characteristic of this dye is a full range of grey, khaki and brown shades. Kassis is a mineral produced from iron deposits (Ferrous sulphate) and works like a vat dye. Is has been produced in certain areas of region where water is mineral enriched.

The use of kassis dye is more prevalent in bargu. Printers use Harda (naturally occurring tannc acid) as a pretreatment to achieve lighter shades of brown. Darker shades are aquired by the addition of boiled pomegranate rind solution to the vat prior to dyeing.

Patterning can be achieved by the use of Dabu (mud-resist) as Kassis in cold vat dye. Over dyeing with indigo can give and additional range of grey tones. It can be used as an over dye to further increase the number of shades possible with natural dyes.

rates>> : the rates for kassis printing is determined by the number over dyes used. The rates varies between USD 1.00 to 2.00 per meter for a standard width of fabric of 44 inches.