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How we Work

Responsible Commerce with a Heart

People and environment are truly at the heart of what we do. We protect environment by using only natural & organic substances as an inputs for developing our products and, educating artisans to innovate & improve the product, and helping them to uplift their standard of living by giving them fair value for their work.

We work together with artisans and our associates in a healthy business relationship. This focus shapes our entire business process, as outlined below:

1. Building Relationships
We first seek to nurture our relationships with the artisans we partner with. Our close connection with many artisan groups, helps us in finding our partners and understanding their culture, needs and skills.

2. Developing Partnerships
We give preference to works with artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed. We believe in supporting the working poor and those who are disadvantaged or lack assistance and are been exploited by many business & export houses. These women and men have basic skills enabling them to make a quality product that reflects their culture and tradition.

3. Determining Fair Prices
It is critical that artisans have a voice in determining what they believe to be fair pay. Working directly with artisan groups, we arrange prices that are mutually agreed upon. This dialogue is essential in demonstrating the respect and dignity of the artisans as well as reinforcing our partnership.

4. Paying for Product Up Front
Once prices are determined, we ensures that artisan groups receive their compensation in full. We pay them advance and provide all assistance & help from the procurement of raw materials to final output. We keep no credit with them and settle all accounts at the time the final order leaves the country of origin.